PARENTING Series: It Takes a Village - Mentoring for our Child and Teen

Powerful stories of teens whose lives have been changed by a single, caring adult are everywhere.
Studies have shown that children with mentors were more confident and had fewer behavioral problems. They showed increased belief in their abilities to succeed and felt less anxiety related to peer pressure, became better problem-solvers, grew in self-confidence and self-awareness. However, mentoring relationships with youth are also complex.

During this session, the panelists will share their experiences and explore:
● When are parents good mentors to their children?
● And when are non-parent adults, peer big-brother/sister more effective?
● What are the qualities of a good youth mentor?
● Can mentorship help shape self-discovery, leadership, or entrepreneurship?
● How can mentorship benefit disadvantaged, ‘difficult’ or ‘rebellious’ teens?

Your Panelists:
Junia Tan, Ashokan Ramakrishnan, Sean Kong, Stephanie Fong, & Yen-Lu Chow
Your Moderator :
Cherie Lim-Tseng
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