PARENTING SERIES | Fireside Chat: Tiger Parents Meet Purpose-Driven Millennials

Parenting is tough work. And parenting in these tough and turbulent times, with its changing demands, tidal-wave pace of digitalization, and facing an uncertain future makes for… interesting times.

The usual parenting ethos that Asian parents are used to - from helicopter parenting to Tiger parenting has also given way to more variants and hybrid forms as parents attempt to find their happy median between keeping their child on the straight and narrow and giving them ample leeway to grow and thrive.

This webinar draws together three diverse panelists and a seasoned moderator, all mothers themselves, collectively discussed, dissected, and discovered what happens when the “usual form” of parenting meets the modern demands of parenting. With decades of coaching and education experience behind them, it was a lively session filled with easy take-homes for every family.
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