Parenting in a Digital Age - A Social Dilemma

Parenting has never been easy. The widespread adoption of smartphones and the rise of social media are adding new challenges to parenthood. Parents with young children are anxious about the effects of screen time. How much is too much? And what impact will screens have on children’s development?

Technology and new media can be entertaining and educational. Yet, how can parents handle inappropriate content, online predators, or cyberbullying? What is the impact on social skills, creativity, gaming dependency, and at a deeper level, morals and values? Does the harm outweigh the benefit?

As parents, are we also struggling with spending too much time on social media and online games? Are our devices getting in the way of us spending quality time with our children?

Watch this video to listen to our panelists share their experiences and explore the dilemma of parenting in the digital age.
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