Mastering Job Search Success - UNACOV Webinar Replay

Anxiety and panic continue to dominate active job seekers who live in the midst of the worst recession ever. Besides hundreds of thousands of job losses due to global market disruption, the pandemic has brought about a drastic change in the way we work and live, resulting in certain jobs becoming obsolete.

However, it is not all doom and gloom, many businesses are still hiring during this period, especially those in the digital economy, banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, education, technology, cyber-security and government. The surge of digitization across various business functions and processes has also created new jobs that didn’t exist before.

But the job competition will be more intense. Job seekers will need to work harder than ever to market themselves as employees of choice. What should job seekers do to stand out among the crowd? And where should they look? What are the in-demand areas where one could look to up-skill?

Find out more from our panel of experts in this Fireside Chat. You'll learn:

How to power up your job search

How to ace your interview to land the job you love

Learn how Artificial Intelligence recruitment tools have changed the traditional recruitment process and hiring behaviour

Discover what kind of jobs and industries are trending in the next 3 years and beyond

How Artificial Intelligence can help with your skill gap analysis
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