Leading in the Era of Remote Working | Leadership Series

There has been a historic shift in the way of work with the onset of the global pandemic. Remote working or a blend of work from home and office looks set to be a norm into the future. By 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month, as published by Forbes magazine. DDI highlighted that 51% of CEOs identified that “working well remotely” as the top hurdle for their teams, as companies recognise this as a challenge leaders will continue to face.

Through the pandemic, leaders faced new challenges. In particular, leaders struggled having to manage for performance without the same visibility in the office. Yet there were increased pressures to deliver results and innovate. People were also battling with the need for virtual collaboration, and having less segregation between work and the home, leading to lower employee engagement.

What can we do to stay ahead of the skills we need for the future? This thought-provoking, no holds-barred session reveals deep truths that equips you with the agility to thrive in this competitive business environment with calm and clarity.
Learn the pivotal skillsets and mindsets leaders can adopt to meet current and future business challenges.

Take away valuable insights how you can lead yourself and others with clarity and confidence into the future.
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