Introductory Meeting Planning for Mentee

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1. Asia Institute of Mentoring Blk 71 A yer Rajah Crescent #06 - 04 Singapore 139951 a sia instituteofmentoring. com P a g e | 1 Mentee Introductory M eeting Planning Document In order to build a strong foundation for a mentoring relationship, it is critical to build trust and clearly establish expectations at the beginning of the partnership. Use the following questions to prepare for your Introductory M eeting conversation, which will help you get to know one another and establish mutual expectations and goals. • Where do you hope to be in the coming years? • What do you hope to gain from this relationship? • What does your mentor hope to gain from this relatio nship? • What role do you expect your mentor to play? • Are there any ground rules you would like to set (e.g., confidentiality, openness, candor)? • What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses? • How would you like to go about achieving your learning goals? • What items would you like to discuss in these meetings? o Managing work/life balance o The organization’s vision and strategy o Competency development o Short - term career goals and values o Long - term care er goals and values o Career - pathing within the organization o Educational opportunities o Other: ________ • Are there any topics of urgent interest? • Are any topics off limits? • What would you like the regular meeting schedule to be (length, time, frequency)? • What criteria would you like to use to evaluate the success of the relationship?


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