2020-01 Learning Circle Insights

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Mentoring and Coaching Similarities and Differences

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2. 2 • SESSION FEEDBACK THANK YOU UPCOMING LEARNING CIRCLES 27 th February – Boundaries and Expecta>ons in Mentoring Mee>ngs 26 th March - Structured or Unstructured Mentoring mee>ngs 23 rd April –Real Play – Prac>ce with cases OTHER INSIGHTS “My mentor said, ‘Let’s go do it,’ not ‘You go do it.’ How powerful when someone says, ‘Let’s!’” — Jim Rohn • More to cover, enjoyable session • Good se4ng • Nice to meet like minded individuals • More overlap between mentoring and coaching than I thought “When you feel your mentor care, the shift happens” “Its ok to show emotion and vulnerability when mentoring ” “You build a friendship and a bond with your mentee” “ In Mentoring I also learn about myself ”

1. 1 
 30 th January 2020 Learning Circle Series • In answer to the question what comes to mind when you hear the word mentor – “ old man” wiser person, sharing, person centered/personal development focused, speaks to your mind, does more listening • When your hear the term coach what comes to mind – Sports, performance, structure, skills focus, hard work, directed, goal centered. Similarities between mentoring and coaching Relationship focus, role modeling, relationship focus, key objective to help the individual, willing parties, skills similar in some ways – good listening There needs to be a connection between mentor and mentee or coach and coachee. Differences Mentoring: more informal, organic, long term, usually no fees but that could change in the future. Developmental focus. Show/open doors, may display vulnerability Coaching: structured methodology, accountability, fees based time bound, Performance focus. Task oriented, more transactional, focis on what and how. Cannot show vulnerability Summary Mentoring begins when coaching ends More overlaps between the two Great questions vs great answers Best interest of the mentee or coachee matters Mind and heart More emotional investment in mentoring KEY POINTS & COMMENTS Key link between the mentoring and coaching Take the analogy of riding a bicycle. Mentor can teach the mentee how to ride but the mentee still has to ride the bicycle so that Mentor and Mentee can ride together and enjoy the journey. Asia Institute of Mentoring Mentoring and Coaching Similarities and Differences “Does mentoring start where coaching ends” Is coaching a series of destinations in the overall journey of self-development? “A coach has some great questions for your answers: mentor has some great It’s about the individual who needs support And to this individual, they are not concerned whether it’s mentoring or coaching, he or she just wants the support “Mentoring is a longer engagement in comparison to coaching .” Trust is important in both mentoring and coaching engagements


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