2019-10 Learning Circle Insights

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The FIRST Mentoring Session

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1. Learning Circle Series – 07 November 2019 The FIRST Mentoring Session KEY LEARNINGS & INSIGHTS The first mentoring session is a two - way street of questions and answers , in establishing rapport and mutual understanding between mentors and mentees. Artful Questioning Comprises of being genuine, using open - ended questions, employing deep listening skills. Steps for Creating a Joint Mentoring Agreement include: (1) Establishing expectations (2) Agreeing on frequency of meetings and platforms for exchange (e.g. face to face, video calls, texting) and response time (3) Being transparent in terms of boundaries and parameters It is good to set goals and desired outcomes and thereafter work backwards, defining targets and charting progress. Key Pillars of An Effective Mentoring Relationship Include trust, commitment to growth and transformation, mutual learning and authenticity © Asia Institute of Mentoring


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