2019-09 Learning Circle Insights

Learning Circles Channel

Building Relationships with Mentees

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2. 2 • SESSION FEEDBACK THANK YOU A big thanks to Farukh,Louis,Lilian,Yvonne,Tony, KamWeng,Janet,Tricia Donna & Lita for the contribution of ideas and insights UPCOMING LEARNING CIRCLES 17 th October: 1 st Mentoring Session 14 th November: Dealing mentees who are not commiIed to mentoring 10 th Dec: Heart of Mentoring OTHER INSIGHTS MOMENT OF CHANGE Don't stress too much – When the mentee gets the “AHA “moment depends on the mentee’s learning path • Good sharing. Nice space. • Wine helped the conversa/ons flow. • Enjoyed the company and interac/on • Great discussion. Well done! “ Help, Guide and Anticipate Pitfalls on behalf of the mentee” . “Speak Less, Press Pause more often” “When you know you are judging, apply empathy “ “ In Mentoring learning is a two way street, both the mentee and mentor must learn”

1. 1 
 Learning Circle Series • CONNECTING - finding common ground and connec/ng with your mentee so he/she feels safe to be open. • GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT & VULNERABILITY - being able to share mentors own experiences including failures to establish rapport. Being Transparent • LISTENING WITHOUT JUDGEMENT - Being aware of own biases, and how the other person feels is important. Giving the mentee a sense of acceptance. • FIND WAYS TO PUT MENTEE AT EASE- e.g. Using index cards with ques/ons that help mentee to relax and step outside their frame: “ If I had a million dollars, what would I do ?” Listening aIen/vely to the answers will provide the mentor a lot of clues • SEEING POTENTIAL & FINDING JOY IN HELPING SOMEONE EXCEL - that’s the ul/mate joy of a mentor. When a mentee can feel this they will want to relate to the mentor. “YOU’RE GOOD AND YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IT!” • WIDE INTEREST AND DEEP INTEREST – Good mentors are well read and can speak and relate to various topics. Some/mes there are lessons to be learnt from unrelated topics that the mentee or mentor is interested in. • EMPATHY – go beyond data to sharing feelings • SEE THE WHOLE PERSON – what can the mentee con/nue doing that is useful to him or her , what should they start doing t make them awesome and what should they stop doing . Work from their Strengths. KEY POINTS & COMMENTS Take the analogy of riding a bicycle. Mentor can teach the mentee how to ride but the mentee still has to ride the bicycle so that Mentor and Mentee can ride together. Both receive wisdom and learning from the journey. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!! KEEP PROMISES – Key to building Trust. ANCHORING TRUST – How you walk the talk speaks louder than your talk Asia Institute of Mentoring Building Relationships with Mentee s “What you say is important How you say it is more important How the other person feels from receiving what you say is most important” TRUST QUOTIENT TRUST=CREDIBILITY + RELIABILITY+ INTIMACY SELF-ORIENTATION “Mentoring is a longer engagement in comparison to coaching . Trust is important in a longer journey”


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