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Learning Resources are primarily video recordings of past webinars, workshops and fireside chat. Enjoy watching!

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What We Want From New Leaders (In A Post-Crisis World) - UNACOV Fireside Chat
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Join John Bittleston, Founder Mentor & Executive Chairman Terrific Mentors International and Yen-Lu Chow, co-founder, Asia Institute of Mentoring, in a fireside chat moderated by Lita Nithyanandan to explore one of the most pressing topics of our time: What We Want From New Leaders (in a Post-Crisis World)?

The leadership challenges of our time have been vividly exposed and accentuated by the current pandemic sweeping the globe. In this inaugural fireside chat organized by the AIM United Against COVID-19 (UNACOV) initiative, we explored many leadership (and mentoring) questions:

- What are some of the top qualities we expect from a leader during times of crisis and change?
- Do good leaders need to be good mentors too?
- Can mentoring help develop a good leader? How?
- Does a great leader equate to a great mentor? Why?
- How can we influence more business leaders to become mentors?
- How can we find a suitable mentor?
- What do you think of the ''pay it forward' approach to mentoring?
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Creating New Leader for the VUCA World - An AIM UNACOV Fireside Chat (19 Sep 20)
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“Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man” is a phrase that has evolved over centuries to describe the observation that, often, the right leader emerges from the crowd to suit the challenge at hand.
Yet, clearly, it doesn’t always happen.
So what education, morality, and emotional intelligence give society the best chance to spawn good leaders when they are needed?
We explored the phenomenal changes that have occurred - even in the last six months - to what is needed in new leadership:
- The skills of managing people working from home, often part-time, unsupervised
- The pressure exerted by a pandemic raging through the world
Handling slippery supply chains that are whimsically upset by political decisions
- Rewarding a workforce getting daily offers of alternative jobs
- Making the disciplines of sustainability and diversity coexist with law and order
- Educating all employed people in technology, regulatory compliance, compatibility
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The War for Talent and Workforce Solutions in the new Reality - Slide Deck by Chandru Pingali
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The War for Talent and Workforce Solutions in the new Reality | Leadership Series

Date: Tuesday, 19th October 2021
Time: 08:00 - 09:00 pm SGT (GMT +08)

Slide Deck by Chandru Pingali
The War for Talent and Workforce Solutions in the new Reality - Slide Deck by Stephen Tjoa
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The War for Talent and Workforce Solutions in the new Reality | Leadership Series

Date: Tuesday, 19th October 2021
Time: 08:00 - 09:00 pm SGT (GMT +08)

Slide Deck by Stephen Tjoa
Leading in the Era of Remote Working | Leadership Series
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There has been a historic shift in the way of work with the onset of the global pandemic. Remote working or a blend of work from home and office looks set to be a norm into the future. By 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month, as published by Forbes magazine. DDI highlighted that 51% of CEOs identified that “working well remotely” as the top hurdle for their teams, as companies recognise this as a challenge leaders will continue to face.

Through the pandemic, leaders faced new challenges. In particular, leaders struggled having to manage for performance without the same visibility in the office. Yet there were increased pressures to deliver results and innovate. People were also battling with the need for virtual collaboration, and having less segregation between work and the home, leading to lower employee engagement.

What can we do to stay ahead of the skills we need for the future? This thought-provoking, no holds-barred session reveals deep truths that equips you with the agility to thrive in this competitive business environment with calm and clarity.
Learn the pivotal skillsets and mindsets leaders can adopt to meet current and future business challenges.

Take away valuable insights how you can lead yourself and others with clarity and confidence into the future.
Leading in the Age of Disruption - Thrive on Change with Clarity and Confidence | Leadership Series
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The past two decades have seen more social and technological change than all the previous centuries combined. The traditional model of top-down leadership is losing relevance in a world where uncertainty, ambiguity and change are a perennial reality, and most leaders are required to lead a multi-generational and multi-cultural workforce comprising highly skilled knowledge workers.

Leaders who hold on to behaviours that may have worked before, may be unwittingly suppressing ideas and innovation in their teams. All it takes is a shift in attitudes and beliefs for leaders to inspire their teams to thrive in the age of disruption. Come join our speakers as they share their experiences and reveal practical insights on what it takes to succeed in the future of work.

The F.I.R.S.T. Leader - Leading through Disruption (15 mins)
In the best of times, the quality of leadership is what allows organisations to stand apart. During times of crisis and disruption it can be the most significant factor for the success and failure of the organisation.
The F.I.R.S.T. Leader is one who demonstrates consistently the right balance between focus on three critical areas:
1. People’s aspirations vs organisational needs
2. Work and Life
3. Job and Career

This not only allows the leader to be Future-Ready, Innovative, Relevant, Strategic and Trusted, it also ensures that people benefit from an inspiring and effective management style.

An ex-army officer with a decade of combat experience, serial entrepreneur, one of the world’s most sought-after executive coaches, professional mentor, and international bestselling author of 19 books, Mukul Deva brings to life clear, actionable and inspiring examples of how of us can demonstrate the behaviours required of an inspiring leader and effective manager.

The F.I.R.S.T. framework, based on a decade of research of hundreds of leaders from the world’s best and biggest organisations, is the intellectual property of Influence Solutions Pte Ltd.
Mukul is a founding director of the company and one of the creators of this highly practical and easy to apply framework.

In today’s digitalised and interconnected world, the demands for leaders to be agile and lead diverse and geographically dispersed teams are immense.
In this up-close and personal fire-side conversation with veteran corporate leader and staunch advocate of women’s empowerment, Ms Georgette Tan Adamopoulos, we delve into her invaluable perspectives on what it takes to succeed as a leader into the future.

· What does it take to be an effective and mindful leader in a disruptive and dynamic world?

· How do you stay strong under fire and become more resilient in such uncertain times?

· Do the traditional models of leadership hold, or do we need to adapt leadership styles to bring out the best in our teams?