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Learning Resources are primarily video recordings of past webinars, workshops and fireside chat. Enjoy watching!

Career Resilience
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Working From Home With Confidence - UNACOV Career Webinar
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As working from home has become compulsory for everyone during the Circuit Breaker to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have had to adjust to this new situation. This has impacted not only ourselves but our family and peers.

This may continue and become a new normal for many, even after the easing of the Circuit Breaker restrictions, many may not have the right environment, family situation, company support and mental stage to deal with it on a continuous basis.

The webinar addresses the different phases one goes through and how to deal with the challenges that surface at each stage:

● Managing conflicting priorities of work and home
● Balancing productivity and flexibility
● Building relationships through technology
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Create Changing Career Perspectives - UNACOV Career Webinar
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Despite the progressive roll back of the Singapore’s Circuit Breaker in June 2020 that allows majority if not all of businesses to resume operations, the outlook for many organizations is still highly uncertain.

A recent survey by SSON in collaboration with Edgeverve, Assistedge and Infosys-BPM Ltd points out that businesses report 30% increase in delayed collection of sales revenue, 14% increase in cost of operations and 20% increase in gaps in back office service delivery. These statistics reiterate the difficulties for many businesses in “returning to normal” which in turn could impact hiring decisions and employment opportunities.

Among the working population, PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) forming more than 50% of the Singapore’s workforce is the group that faces greater risk to redundancy and retrenchment based on past years’ evidence.

The webinar shares strategies for PMETs on:

1. How to rise above this environment of uncertainty and volatility
2. How to differentiate themselves from the crowd at the workplace
3. What to do in times of such business uncertainty and employment risks
4. What are the the possible action plans if your employment has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
Supercharge Your Personal Brand - UNACOV Career Webinar
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In the current COVID-19 crisis, many jobs and business opportunities are wiped out resulting in many feeling lost and affected financially. Also, because of the lock-down situation, social media and the online space have become the primary communication channel which led to it being overcrowded with lots of “noise”.

How do you then stand out from the crowd? What can you do to showcase your value to prospects/employers by cutting through these distractions?

In the upcoming session:
- Pick up practical tips on ways to build your personal brand
- Learn to leverage on LinkedIn and online mediums to boost your outreach
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Redesign Your Life Through Clarity - UNACOV Career Webinar
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“Like a diamond, the more clarity we have, the more value we bring.” - Ruth Saw

The current world is changing so rapidly that it causes one to compare, compete or even get confused. How do we navigate life effectively through change and yet step into a fulfilling, satisfying life?
Clarity is key. It is the future of ‘personal authority’. Finding clarity has become a necessity, not a good-to-have. Just like shooting an arrow, we pull back to find clarity so that we can propel forward with speed. More than ever, we need to look within to find that clarity.

COVID-19 has given us this opportunity to settle and find the clarity we need, to create the future we want. Clarity will free us from comparing ourselves with others. It will help us to move past our doubts to step into our destiny.

In this webinar, you’ll find simple exercises to understand yourself and practical insights on finding clarity that leads to action.

Discover how to:

Know yourself, your possible strengths and blind-spots

Influence others just the way you are

Uncover your why

Create a clear path of action and maximise your time

Feel liberated and find the confidence to be who you are meant to be!
Career Clinic for Job Seekers - UNACOV Webinar Replay
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If you're worried about your job security
If your job has been impacted by Covid-19
If you are unhappy in your current job
If you want to pivot your career
If you want to find new opportunities
If you have lost your job
If you want to improve your networking & job search techniques for the future
This job search clinic is for you! We will take you through:
A 5-step strategy for applying for jobs online (Note - 3 of these steps occur before you've even sent your CV)
The must-have features for your CV/Cover letter (to create a high-converting and memorable document)
How to craft your online profile, so HR/Recruiters can find you
How to use Linkedin to research, map leads and network (the Headhunters approach)

Why you need to become a savvy networker online/offline to increase your job-search conversion
1 key tip to becoming memorable online, to beat the competition
How you will benefit from this session:

You will learn why adopting a ‘marketers’ approach is critical to improve your chances of being noticed
You will learn the importance of building a personal brand, so you are memorable online
You will learn how to network online, so opportunities come to you
You will learn the importance of follow-up to increase your conversions
Mastering Job Search Success - UNACOV Webinar Replay
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Anxiety and panic continue to dominate active job seekers who live in the midst of the worst recession ever. Besides hundreds of thousands of job losses due to global market disruption, the pandemic has brought about a drastic change in the way we work and live, resulting in certain jobs becoming obsolete.

However, it is not all doom and gloom, many businesses are still hiring during this period, especially those in the digital economy, banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, education, technology, cyber-security and government. The surge of digitization across various business functions and processes has also created new jobs that didn’t exist before.

But the job competition will be more intense. Job seekers will need to work harder than ever to market themselves as employees of choice. What should job seekers do to stand out among the crowd? And where should they look? What are the in-demand areas where one could look to up-skill?

Find out more from our panel of experts in this Fireside Chat. You'll learn:

How to power up your job search

How to ace your interview to land the job you love

Learn how Artificial Intelligence recruitment tools have changed the traditional recruitment process and hiring behaviour

Discover what kind of jobs and industries are trending in the next 3 years and beyond

How Artificial Intelligence can help with your skill gap analysis
UNACOV Webinar Replay Top Digital Marketing Job Possibilities
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Are you debating over your next career switch or what skills to pick-up? You’ve probably done enough research to know that digital marketing is the new normal and digital marketing skills are in great demand. No doubt the job market is booming for digital marketers and even more so with the current pandemic - which has also shown us the digital transformation of several traditional businesses.

Knowing the need of digital marketing in today’s industry is great, but how do you know to find the right role for you?
We have 2 industry’s thought leaders who are directors of digital agencies and active in educating PMETs and senior managers in transiting to the Digital Marketing industry.
Speaker 1: Ms Michelle Lim, Co-founder and CEO of Make The Change and M.A.D. School
Speaker 2: Mr Hendry Goh, Director of Strategy of NEO360 Digital
How will the audience benefit from the session?

Participants will be able to learn about the top most sought after digital marketing positions and its job prospects within the field.
Understanding the job position from an agency’s (hirer) perspective
Learning the trending approaches in digital marketing
Learning what it takes to become a successful digital marketer
How to kickstart your digital marketing career
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How to Speed Up Your Professional Learning and Mastery in 2021
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The speed with which business is moving is unprecedented amidst fierce competition in the marketplace. Employees, managers, and leaders are required to produce better and faster results in their respective roles at lightning speed. Professionals get overwhelmed with the amount of content, tasks, and skills to master to perform in their respective job roles.

At the same time, they have to attain mastery in an entirely new set of skills and become proficient in using never-seen-before technologies, processes, or methods quickly. In this research-based talk, you will learn distilled wisdom drawn from best-in-class organizations across 40 industries, interwoven with Dr. Raman’s two decades of experience in accelerating human learning.

This talk will:
- Prepare you for 2021 to leverage opportunities through covid and post-covid recoveries to make your mark.
- Guide you with rare secrets of learning to learn faster in any context and use that to your strategic advantage.
- Equip you with a unique thought process on how to attain mastery in any new professional skill or role quickly.

As a professional, you will learn smart strategies to speed up your professional performance and career at an accelerated rate relative to your peers. As a leader, you will understand how you can develop your teams at an accelerated rate and standout as a differentiated leader.

You will walk out with a framework to steer your learning, performance, and career differently.