Parents of Special Needs Kids Need Support Too! | Parenting Series

Parenting is not easy. No one is ever fully trained or prepared for it. As parents, we occasionally find ourselves outside our comfort zone, desperate and struggling. But for those of us, who have the privilege of parenting a neuro-atypical child, time outside our comfort zone is more the norm than the exception. And too often, this journey is a lonely one that is fraught with guilt and shame. As a result, many of us invariably find ourselves stuck in a loop of hurt and pain that slowly but surely undermines our own mental health. In this fireside chat, we hope to not only raise awareness of the common special needs like ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism; but also to shed insights into the common challenges faced by the parents of special needs kids as well as the help and support available in our ecosystem. We hope that through authentic conversations like this, we will be able to let our audience better understand both the pros and cons of neuro-diversity and more importantly how we can all help create an inclusive space that supports special needs children and their parents too. This event was jointly organized by the Society for the Promotion of ADHD Research and Knowledge (SPARK) and the Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM); with kind support from the DAS Academy (DAC) and the Autism Resource Centre (ARC)