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Short Bio : Authoress of the book series Myrita, Ethnographer, Talent Coach and I am a Learning Designer. I help organisations, educational institutions and individuals design and develop multi-modal learning solutions. As a Learning Designer, I adopt a holistic and integrated approach to adult learning based on the Three Dimensions of Learning (Illeris, 2008). I am involved in curriculum and instructional design for learning projects targeted at young adults, mid-career professionals and elderly learners. My recent clients include Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Tourism Board. As a talent coach for global citizens and international nomads in life and work transitions, I thrive in people development. Together with my clients, I help individuals and organisations to construct and realise their future selves. When I published my first booklet, Myrita, in 2019, I received overwhelming encouragement from friends, family, and peers. Myrita is inspired by the Spanish name Rita, which means ‘pearl’. Myrita is a space to pause, ponder, and prosper about life projects and new priorities. This series of booklets is designed to help readers explore, experiment, and expand their lives, therefore finding their own pearls of wisdom. At the heart of it, I relish the personal story of how each earthling overcomes obstacles and becomes slightly better version of oneself.