Ning Pei Chua

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Short Bio : Branding. Experiential UX design & Portal Management. Impact Entrepreneur. Self Development. Visual StoryTeller. Curiosity and (perhaps) ambition brought me to step out of my comfort zone to pursue a dream to be a (social) entrepreneur. A work-in-progress, with a wealth of experience from learning, unlearning, and relearning. I could have been 'comfortable' if I were to stay put in adv, I went half-circle, chose to embark on a different path, for which I'm not (really) sure where it may lead. I stumbled (many times), rise up and learnt, motivated by passion and drive to make a small difference, to impact someone, in my own little unique way. Looking to leverage all the knowledge, teachings, skillsets I have learnt in social impact, business development, design and facilitation, partnership, community engagement, tech and branding to good use. Passionate to unleash human potential, to support people in the journey of self-discovery and positive transformation, to fulfill dreams and aspirations. Interest: Social Entrepreneurship, Cause Advocacy, Social Impact, Human Interest Story, Photography, Film, Lifestyle, Jewellery, Crafts, Fashion Design, etc