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Years of Mentoring Experience : 15

Years of Professional Experience : 28

Industries : Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Technology

Occupation : Business owner / Director

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Areas of Expertise : Entrepreneurship , Leadership

Areas of Interest : Coaching , Communication , Teaching , Teams / Team-building , Training

Values : Authenticity , Balance , Gratitude , Resilience , Respect

My Life Goals and Objectives : To be among the World's Top 5 most respected and requested Executive Coach by 31/10/2024.

Short Bio : I am a Mentor and Executive Coach, based out of Mumbai (India). I have done Business and Leadership roles for 25+ years in firms like L&T, GE, FIDELITY, CRISIL (S&P GLOBAL company). I am a PCC credentialed Coach from ICF (USA). I have worked with nearly 150 coachees and mentees across 15 countries. I have close to 1800+ hrs of Coaching and Mentoring experience, including helping NGOs and Colleges. I am a Fellow of Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate. I have completed my Coach Training at CCL (Singapore). I am an Electrical Engineer and MBA in Finance from India's leading Business School.