Choo Yuan Ting



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Years of Mentoring Experience : 3

Years of Professional Experience : 8

Occupation : Executive

Skill : Facilitation, Coaching, NLP, Enneagram, Soft Skills, OD

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Areas of Expertise : Career , Entrepreneurship , Leadership

Short Bio : Life and career coaching, millenial life transitions, organisational development, soft skills facilitation. I've been working with over 400 participants on facilitating personal growth in soft skills and self awareness since 2012. My background stems from experiential learning, systems thinking, Enneagram, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a mix of somatic, emotional, cognitive approaches Core Competencies  Life, Executive and Personal Effectiveness Coaching  Experiential learning and Process facilitation  Programme design and execution  Community building and stakeholder engagement  Research, analysis and creative solutioning Yuan Ting is warm, genuine and a curious cat. Her gift is in connecting with people and creating a safe space for them to share in a real manner about things close to their heart. Yuan Ting's strength lies in seeing connections, possibilities and solutions, then proactively initiating positive change where it matters most. A professional who is self-motivated and passionate about developing relationships, cultures and experiences to support people development. Her philosophy is "Change myself, and the world changes". For companies and societies to shift, I believe we need to start with individuals. Through creating a supportive environment where people are clear on what inspires them and empowered to take ownership, can systemic change be sustained. I work in to accomplish this in both companies and education systems. Because awareness leads to change