Boey Tuck Khiong

I have extensive experience in hospitality, human resource, education and SMEs businesses over a career spanning more than 30 years. I have helped several businesses grow from less than 10 people to over a hundred. I have more than 15 years experience working with founders and leaders of SMEs transforming their businesses.

I now coach and train SME owners, leaders and ambitious individuals to unlock their potential to grow their businesses and careers. I use a practical approach honed by decades of experience, gain deep insights about the person to tailor a customised plan, and help them discover the most effective path to success.

Chan Hock Lye

In my more than 30 years of corporate experience managing businesses in the Asia in the mining, engineering and IT industries, I can credit many of my achievements to inspiration from great mentors. They have shown me the possibilities that were hidden from me, helping me to create a better me. I have been motivated to do the same for others who wants it, helping them fill up the other half of their glass. Today, I am an entrepreneur, a co-founder of WOOSH5 Asia - a HRTech company that provides e-coaching for critical moments in life. I continue to benefit from others that are willing to guide me in the path of entrepreneurship and

Srikanth Chandrashekhar

I am a senior Human Resources professional who at this stage of my career is looking for opportunities to mentor/coach professionals in their career journey. I have found happiness when being able to contribute to other people's success and am always looking to do more in this space. 

Chow Yen Lu

In a fast-paced world where the only constant is change, I believe there is an urgent need for us to draw on our strengths and creative potential as human beings, to connect with our higher self and our deeper purpose to contribute towards humanity in a positive and impactful way.  As an en trepreneur, social change-maker, angel investor, venture catalyst, and a seeker  of  Truth,  I enjoy building ecosystems and mobilising the community  to create positive social change. As an early pioneer in AI, I also have a strong base in the tech space. I spend much of my time and energy these days working on my family foundation, the WholeTree Foundation, building the foundation for the Asia Institute of Mentoring and the Deep Human Movement in order to impact a million lives, to help  bring about a kinder, gentler, more inclusive, more just and sustainable world for all.   

Donna Daritan

I believe everyone has a purpose revealed by journeying through it. Being a survivor of the 1998 riot in Indonesia, I know for sure that nothing can be taken for granted and our life is shaped by our own beliefs. What you hate is simply what you don’t understand yet and to be able to breathe is a privilege. Professionally, I offer a unique combination of administration, operations, and business management through close to 2 decades of working with start-ups and SMEs. I am also a regular speaker for Singapore Microcomputer Society where lifelong learners never stop being curious and I never stop learning through them.  

Goh Kam Weng

I am a strong believer in people development. In my career that spanned over 3 decades, I have gained tremendously from the coaching, mentoring and general advice from others. I have also coached and mentored numerous people across the world in the past 20 years.  

Working with people across Asia Pacific and other parts of the world, I developed a good understanding of working across boundaries and culture. I am now the co-founder of Syner-Catalyst Pte Ltd, a company that specializes in providing ERP as a service. 

Arul Kaimal  

I am an experienced Human Resources professional having worked in full Employee Life Cycle HR operations in different geographies for more than 12 years now. After completing my Masters in PM & IR ( Personnel Management & Industrial Relations) from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, i have worked with various organisations like Nokia, Deutsche Bank , GE & now Danaher in progressive HR roles . My passion lies in making a positive impact to the lives of people and in helping them realise their potential. I have been fortunate to have worked in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Singapore and have extensive experience in working with multi-cultural and multi-generational talent. I have been associated with teaching / coaching for the past 14+ years as a visiting faculty at various institutes and forums of repute. i believe i am a passionate people’s person who can connect and engage with people from different parts of the world with varied demographic profiles and work with them as a collaborative team. I would tend to think that I am also passionate quizzer and a Quiz Master and a very active Social worker. In my spare time I love reading and spending time in community service. I am looking at participating actively in the AIM journey and learning together with my mentees and fellow mentors.   

Sandeep Khanna 

I would describe myself as a builder. i have over 25 years of rich cross-cultural experience in advertising, marketing, consulting and learning across Asia. Having worked in 4 countries in Asia (India, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines), I have strong knowledge of emerging markets coupled with a deep understanding of Asian consumers, branding and business. I have built high performing teams across the region—in regional and local roles. I have also coached leaders to become the best versions of themselves I have deep curiosity and always focused on using actionable insights in developing strategies that produce results . I have contributed to building winning cultures in high growth, matrixed environments across a range of geographies and functions I am very self aware and work hard to be a better leader and follower displaying intellectual rigor. My top 5 Strengths as per StrengthsFinder are-Maximizer, Strategic, Ideation, Connectedness, Relator. My MBTI profile is ENFJ. Both these in tandem makes me very people centric and at the same time very strategic, pushing for great ideas and looking to make the good great. I demonstrate a positive, can-do attitude (probably stems from the blood group—B positive!) and a hands-on work ethic.  

Santosh Kumar  

The purpose of my life is to help individuals and organizations blossom into their fullest potential. I conduct Life Review Retreats and Strategic Planning Workshops for top-level executives, organizations as well as pro-bono retreats for the underprivileged segments of society. During my Life Review Retreats, I help organizations and individuals to re-connect with their authentic selves, rediscover their life’s purpose and mission and re-awaken their true potential. As a yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher as well as life and organizational coach, I help people and organizations in their journey of self-discovery, inner work and healing. As a Speaker and Facilitator on future economic development strategy, I also conduct talks and workshops to help my clients prepare for a future economy that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. I am fluent in French, Spanish, Hindi and English. 

Lisa Lee  

With a BA in Economics, I started my career in marketing, sales and public relations. In 2000, I established a business in the beauty industry, conducting regular training and workshops in health, beauty and grooming. In 2017, while in Australia, I embarked on a new path to be a Certified Practitioner in Coaching at The Coaching Institute, Melbourne. I am mainly based in Singapore in health & beauty consulting, and life coaching & mentoring. I am also a devoted yoga practitioner and piano teacher. It is my belief that we find true health when all aspects of our lives – physical, mental, and spiritual - are in holistic balance. I am deeply committed to sharing compassion, love, courage and joy. I am guided by the precept that internal health and beauty will be reflected externally.

Suresh MJ, Certified Professional Coach 

I am a certified professional and coach with 29 years of corporate experience. I have mentored individuals at all levels uplifting their career aspirations. My engaged motivational encouragement brings out the inner potentials of individuals enabling them to achieve their goals. My leadership success during the past 13 years in the technology, financial, education, travel, government and telco sectors has been accomplished with the focus at people development, people success and people excellence. As a focused Career & Leadership Mentor/Coach, I have guided and supported local and international clients, clocking over 250 hours of dedicated coaching, which motivated the clients to soar to greater heights in their professional life. My observational and composed exploratory approach strengthens the client's confidence and assures them of their progression path. My goal is to build a more self-realized community embedded with Quality Leadership attribute. 

Monica Menon

I am a trained educator, mentor and facilitator who crafts curriculum and delivers education related programmes for tertiary institutions and adult educators both in Singapore and regionally. My career in education spans more than 25 years. In my role as a leader in education, I have provided many educators and fledging school leaders with professional guidance and personal development, in order to ensure they are able to carry out their people management skills, pedagogical skills and curriculum design effectively. In 2010, I started my own preschool centre in Medan, Indonesia, ( which aimed to provide quality preschool education at affordable rates. In 2017, I founded Words Worth (, an English Language and Literature enrichment centre in Singapore. For the last 10 years, I have been supervising student teachers on practicum and I have tutored on various courses at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. 

Laletha Nithiyanandan

I feel strongly about making a positive contribution to any venture i get involved with. I have extensive business experience. My core strength is being able to combine my entrepreneurial skills with my corporate leadership experience in the Asia Pacific region. I am a strong advocate of doing business with a heart and finding solutions that are good for humanity and the planet. I believe that this needs to be the core purpose of anyone who takes on a leadership role. I am actively involved in a number of business and community projects. This includes Made of Brilliance, Answers In the Room, Behavioural Consulting Group, Asia Institute of Mentoring, and Gastrogeography of Singapore which is a social project focused on showcasing local edible flora and plants. 

Patricia Phan

I have over 15 years of Business Development & Marketing experience with global FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) brands in regional roles covering Asian markets. I have been responsible for Sales, Marketing & Communication, Branding, Media Planning, Product Development.

Multi-cultural, an avid learner, I am a humanist and marketer at heart. 

It is on the human side of businesses that I make the most impact. Highly engaged and relational, I thrive in developing and training people.   

My deep belief is that people are the foundation of highly performing organizations. 

Louise YT Phua 

I have extensive experience in talent development and management, personal branding and global staffing. I consult, facilitate, train and coach clients, to step out of their comfort zones and grow. An avid lifelong learning, I lead projects in learning design, related to topics in Human Resources, Adult Education and professional services.

Previously, I was an executive recruiter for over ten years, with a specialisation in the life science sector in the pan-Asia region. 

A Singaporean by birth, I have worked and lived in Australia, China, France, Malaysia. Effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, I speak basic French and Bahasa Indonesia.  

Dilip Shankar

I started my career in marketing and advertising, later on, moved to brand and business consulting. After a decade of working, I started Centre of Gravity- a strategy consulting firm with few colleagues, friends, and co-believers in the idea of human-centered thinking. Over the years, our experience has reaffirmed this belief that if you need to find sustainable long-term solutions to complex business and social problems, then you need to put the human being at the center of solution-creation. Centre of Gravity pioneered this concept in India and has become one of the most reputed and premium strategy consulting firms in the country. As part of our expansion, I set up Centre of gravity in Singapore to tap into the potential of the ASEAN region. I have worked across a cross-section of industries from Foods, Paints, Retail services, Banking, Technology, Fashion, Leisure, Infrastructure and Social sector. Apart from projects, I also do regular training sessions with clients to bring in a culture of human centricity within organizations.

Ethan Tan

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. That is incredibly stressful, because going forward involves uncertainty, volatility and learning to grow. That is incredibly liberating because it means … history isn’t your destiny. Past experience should be a springboard to your future, not chains of status quo. You can be a better you. One can successfully go at it alone, but having good mentors certainly make the path easier. I am firmly dedicated to creating Asia Institute of Management, to dedicate time and energy to kick off a movement to develop 10,000 mentors to be the change in order to drive social impact, so that we can be the better version of all of us.

Tricia HT Tan  

 Diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder more than 10 years ago, I lost my life savings, marriage and family in the most intense phases of my crises.  

 Previously from the public education and health sector, I had spent more than 20 years’ teaching, counselling and coaching youths and parents from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. My mental illness robbed me of my dignity, personal agency and left me disempowered and lost. A book by Dr. Emma Bragdon changed my life. In less than 2 years, I made remarkable recovery after I took charge and practised integrative mental healthcare techniques. I went to the United States to train under Dr Bragdon where I learned that my mental health crises is actually a journey of personal transformation and growth, aka spiritual emergence(y) - a framework new to Asia but not to be confused with religiosity. Currently, as Asia’s first Spiritual Emergence Coach® and Gallup Strengths Coach®, I use my lived experience to help others on their recovery, transformation and growth journey.  

Sailesh Thanki  

I have a deep passion for customer service and having over 28+ years of experience, I feel I have the right attitude and skills needed for me to be able to connect with  anyone and build a rapport with them. As an engineer, I got to learn the value of mentoring when I got mentored while just being transitioning into a management role. That experience had so much  impact that I started adopting it in my life. Since 2006, I have mentored a number of people and I feel that has a positive influence in their life and for me, it gives me a sense of achievement. My approach is to help find the strengths of individuals who approach me and  through regular meetups and sessions, help find their blind spots, strengths and nurture their natural passion and help them excel at it. I also do counseling occasionally and it is something I am passionate about. I will take it up as my full time career post retirement along with mentoring.  

Daniel Yeo

I have twenty-six years of corporate experience in the medical technology/pharmaceutical industries. Out of which sixteen were spent in the world’s leading American and German multi-national companies in the following areas: 

Sales, business development, channel management, sales performance enablement and organization development. (In Asia Pacific regions)

I now run and partner a consortium of boutique management consultancy companies in Singapore, China and Indonesia.  Some of my clientele include, DYSON, DELL, GEELY, KEPPEL Land and Ministry of Education and International schools overseas.  

I work with middle to senior leaders in the world so that they become more purposeful, driven, joyful, empathetic and successful in their personal and professional lives.  Tools we utilize include Emotional Intelligence based workshops, Mindfulness practice, Enneagram Personality Profiling and executive coaching. 

I am also effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, I speak several southern China dialects and basic Thai. 

Yeo Kok Hwa

Yeo KH’s profession began 4 decades ago in the oil & gas industry, bringing with him 3 decades of overall corporate management experiences with European MNCs for Asia regional business operations. He held various leadership roles as a director for a group of companies, executive director for operations, commercial and senior project director, marketing and HSE (SEA) officer for APAC with cross-cultural exposures. In addition to his Corporate Management Generalist’s experiences, Yeo KH is also an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Professional Counsellor (corporate and community), Career & Behavioral Counsellor, Leadership Coach and Advanced Certificate Trainer and Assessor (ACTA) with his passion in leadership and organization development. Yeo KH offers leadership development, and guidance (coaching, counselling & mentoring), organizational behavioral counselling, corporate/community training. Yeo KH is also a business clinic mentor.

Sandeep Chanana

Sandeep is currently the APAC HR Manager for a Japanese Multinational and comes with close to 15 yrs experience in the People side of M&A, Change Management, Mentoring & People Leadership oriented roles. Sandeep is a keen learner, and a active keynote speaker at various HR forums. His core interests lie in Business Transitions, Cultural integration, digitisation & transformation. Sandeep is motivated to give back to the society through "AIM" by combining his skills of (a) a Mentor, a skill that he has learned by receiving mentoring over the last few years, (b) a Coach, the skill he has picked up while on job as a People leader, (c) a consultant, his daily scope of work warrants him to understand the needs and deliver & (d) a counsellor, wherein the need to target the emotional side of the relationship plays a major role. In his free time, Sandeep is actively involved in Mentoring within the HR community and enjoys training with the Singapore Special Olympic Badminton team.

Leon Toh

Leon Toh is the executive director of impact investment holdings company, Damson Capital in Singapore. He has dedicated his career to supporting social entrepreneurs seeking to create sustained positive change through enterprise. Damson focuses on social impact investments, enterprise development, and impact innovation within Asia. Leon serves on the Board for a Renewable Energy company in Sri Lanka, supporting small and marginalised farmers. Previously, Leon was a management consultant with Accenture, a petrochemical price reporter with the Independent Chemical Information Service (ICIS) and did research in East Timor with Monash University on Coffee Farming households.